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Trip to China Nature

Scenic areas and natural reserves are built to better protect the nature and original flavor of some sights from damage of tourists. Mountains and waters often occur in literary works to express great breadth of mind or yearning for nature. They usually hold more than what their facial beauty can convey. A  mountains has its unique character – magnificent, imposing or elegant.  The Five Most Famous Mountains can be the representative of all Chinese mountains. Rivers if are joined together, the Chinese natural rivers reach a total length 10.5 times greater than the length of the Earth’s equator.  Among all the rivers, the Yellow River is affectionately known as the mother river of Chinese nation.

Pagoda and flower

Hangjiajie sunset

Yangshuo city

A cow in Yangshou

Cormorant fishing

Cable car in Tianmen Shan

Li river travel

Fenghuang city

Fenghuang city

When a strom is coming

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