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Top 5 Beaches For Vacation in September

Autumn calendar – this is not a reason to close the swimming season. Just something you need to take a little farther south. Cyprus instead of Corfu, Costa del Sol, Costa Brava, instead, Sicily instead of Liguria …. Travel search engineĀ  offers 5 beach options in September for those who do not have time to relax this summer.

Miami. Air temperature 28 degrees in September

In search of summer sun can be quite far away and climb in, say, Miami. It’s still warm, children on the beaches at this time is almost gone, and in high season doroguschy InterContinental Miami, now costs 1852 euros for a little more than two weeks.Marrakech. Air temperature 34 degrees

The sea is not always necessary for a beach holiday. Here, for example, Marrakech. The local pool Sofitel Marrakech Lounge and Spa with more than compensates for the distance from the Atlantic (which is still not really swim). But even without water treatments here is what to do. The endless bazaars, fabulous Medina, incredible sweetness, and if a little out of town – then immediately landscapes from Star Wars. Experiences would be enough for a week.

Sicily. The air temperature in the Sept. 31 degrees

Thanks to the hot Sirocco wind in Sicily is almost always warm. By September, the temperature of the “fall” of up to 30 degrees. It’s really a great time to wander through the narrow streets of Taormina quite literary. Maupassant wrote about these places: “There is nothing, except the landscape, but in this landscape you will find everything that exists on the ground to capture the eyes, the mind and the imagination.”

Crete. Air temperature 27 degrees in September

Alas, the Greek crisis has not reduced the prices for hotels. The miracle did not happen and a good St. Nicolas Bay Resort Hotel & Villas is well worth 2422 euros for a week stay. Existing hotel suites with private pools right on the beach. Another of the pleasant – proximity to the fishing port of Agios Nikolaos. The shops, deposits of waterfront restaurants and other attractions just one mile away.

Cyprus. Air temperature 28 degrees in September

On the decline of the tourist season, you can find great deals from even the most inaccessible hotels. Say, 11 days in Le Meridien Limassol Spa & Resort will cost only 1,800 euros for two. For the luxury hotel it is almost dust. Especially when you consider that out of the 329 rooms and it would not be half full, which means that all entertainment, including a fine Thalgo Spa will be just for you. Also worth adding to the cost flight to Cyprus Flights Moscow – Larnaca (next to Limassol airport) costs from 12 814 rubles.

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