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Top 27 Amazing Photos Of Abandoned Village Houses

There is something sad in any abandoned house I have seen, they are reminder of someone’s past and reminder that someone is gone. Here 27 photos of abandoned village houses. As you can see most of them looked very good in past and most of them are still in good shape but now they’re abandoned.

Abandoned house on the outskirts of Greenfield, Ohio

Old Dawt Mill in Ozark county Missouri

An old homestead west of Seymour Missouri.

Old country store in Denlow Missouri

Abandoned house near Sleeper Missouri in rural Laclede county

Abandoned Farm at Aragon and Sewell Roads

A old boarded up abandoned farm house from the 1800’s

An abandoned farm on Rte 676 in Washington County, Ohio

Abandoned farm house in southern Saskatchewan

Abandoned house in Bosler, Wyoming

Abandoned house in Indiana

An abandoned house in the Owens Valle on the way from Los Angeles to Mammoth, CA

Abandoned House in Pirna (Sonnenstein), Germany.

Abandoned building in Michigan

Abandoned farm house close to Jefferson City

Abandoned house in Iowa

Abandoned farm house near Missouri river

 Abandoned old house near Chamois Missouri

Adandoned house in Calanais area, Scotland

Abandoned house on a hillside in Crooksville, Ohio, in Perry County

Abandoned house in the Ohio River town of Duffy, in Monroe county

Abandoned building in Flora, Oregon

Abandoned building in Wellsville, Ohio

Abandoned maternity hospital in Abkhasia

Abandoned building near Ringgold, NE

Abandoned house in Dorchester County, Maryland

Abandoned House Derelict Trinidad

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