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Top 25 Popular Tourist Destinations in 2014

One year it took the site to the evaluations and reviews of millions of tourists about hotels, attractions and restaurants in various cities of the world to choose just 25 popular and favorite tourist destinations. So, the rating includes the following 25 places …

Istanbul, Turkey

Rome, Italy

London, England

Beijing, China

Prague, Czech Republic

Marrakech, Morocco

Paris, France

Hanoi, Vietnam

Siem Reap, Cambodia

Shanghai, China

Berlin, Germany

New York City, NY, USA

Florence, Italy

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Barcelona, ​​Spain

St. Petersburg, Russia

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Chicago, Illinois, USA

Cape Town, South Africa

Bangkok, Thailand

Budapest, Hungary

Sydney, Australia

Lisbon, Portugal

Chiang Mai, Thailand

San Francisco, California, USA

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