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Top 20 Places on the Planet, Whose Existence is Hard to Believe

On our planet, many beautiful places, but sometimes nature creates it? what is hard to believe!

Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Cave of giant crystals, Mexico

Totem Pole, basalt rock at Cape Cape Hay in Tasmania

White Sands Lencois Maranhenses, Brazil

Fairy forest

Wavy rocks on the Colorado Plateau, USA

Dolomites, Italy

Pamukkale, Turkey

Spider Rock, Canyon de Chelly, Arizona

Waterfall of the Yellow Dragon, China

Ramona Falls, Arizona, USA

Waterfall Prskalo, Serbia

Boynton Canyon, USA

Roraima plateau, Argentina

Cave on the beach, Algarve, Portugal

Waterfall Baatar, Lebanon

Beach legzira, Morocco

Antelope Canyon, USA

Lake Hamilton Pool, United States


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