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Top 20 Ghostly Houses Standing in Silence Around the World

The ghostly houses, abandoned houses all associates of some famous page novel or film … The detailed descriptions of the creepy music is no more a combination of inducing fear in children and in adults, the secretion of adrenaline caused by many fans of horror sleepless night … But all in the warmth and safety of our home quickly pass and forget it … However in every city, village or town there is an abandoned house next to that as children always pass and still scare her, but as the years go by fear losing slowly….Fans of  unusual, unique architecture and of course the horror i  represent you a collection of abandoned houses around the world… Enjoy …… If you’re brave enough…

 A wreck amongst golden fields. The Dalles, Oregon

 This simple stone shack was once home to some of the first European settlers of New Zealand. Deepdell, Macraes Flat, Otago, New Zealand

 All it needs is a new roof. Kirzhach, Russia

 A lone house in the middle of nowhere. Carter Ferry, Montana

  A small house in a vast plain. Auckland, New Zealand

 Where man decays, nature prospers. Buffalo, New York

 This ‘Futuro House’ dates back to 1968. Only around 100 were ever sold. Pennsylvania

 A breathtaking home in the harsh wilderness of Norway. Bjørke, Møre og Romsdal, Norway

 With a population of 171, much of Ulysses is a ghost town. Ulysses, Nebraska

 Versailles House, a 90,000 square foot home which would have been the largest in America. Construction was put on hold following the 2009 financial crisis. Florida

 An abandoned farm house and water tower consumed by ivy. Riverhead, New York

 A desolate home in the magnificent Alps. Austria

 A decaying home in an incredible landscape. Iceland

 A deserted home set in a desolate environment. Idaho, USA

 The decaying face of a once loved home. Benasau, Spain

 An abandoned house deep in the Haugh Woods. Herefordshire, UK

 A pair of long forgotten homes covered in vines. Val-Jalbert, Québec

 A decaying farmhouse amongst desolate fields. Sheridan County, Nebraska

 A vacant house in Benidorm dominated by its environment. Valencia, Spain

 Flooding means that much of Holland Island in Chesapeake Bay is now under water. This abandoned home is the last remnant of another century and home to only birds. Maryland, USA

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