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Top 20 Amazing Natural Wonders of California, USA

Sometime we need to remind ourselves how lucky we are to be living in Northern California. We have it all: beaches, mountains, volcanoes, coastal forests, and a host of natural wonders—the world’s tallest and largest trees; the country’s highest peak, tallest waterfalls, and largest alpine lake; and even the continent’s deepest submarine canyon. So consider this week’s theme a wake-up call to everyone who loves the outdoors but has yet to explore all of The 20 Natural Wonders of California.

Have you ever seen a nicer bay than Emerald Bay?

Especially California One outside Big Sur.

What highway has nicer views than California One?

Where are beaches more pristine than Pomponio Beach?

Who but Humboldt Redwoods State Park can say they have the tallest forest on Earth?

Where can you feel more secluded than in Big Basin Redwood State Park?

What else makes you feel more humble than Yosemite Falls?

Where besides the Mendocino Coast do land and sea meet with such grandeur?

Where are there sunsets more colorful than Monterey Beach?

Where are there falls more stoic than Vernal Falls?

Where can you find seas more beautiful than McWay Falls?

Who has better views from their backyards than the residents of Bishop, California?

What’s more majestic than Half Dome in Yosemite National Park?

Where are there prairies more beautiful than Joshua Tree National Park?

Where will you find panoramas more breathtaking than Sequoia National Park?

Where else but the Avenue of The Giants in Northern California can you find elders this big?

Where besides Big Sur are there seaside cliffs this stunning?

What natural formation is more fascinating than the lava tube caves under Tulelake, California?

Where in the world are there natural arches more incredible than in Santa Cruz?

Where else but Pfeiffer Beach can you find rock formations this awe-inspiring?

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