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Top 15 Places where Incredibly Beautiful Autumn

Autumn – season-dream for photographers. Nature explodes with all the colors, misty morning and rains that whisper: “Look at me, is not this divine shot!”.

Quiet cabin at the lake, in Northern Italy

Storm clouds are hovering over the mountain, Asturias, Spain

Carpet of leaves covered Central Park, New York, United States

Cold Otago, New Zealand

Lake Ashi on a background of colored woods, Hakone, Japan

Palette of majestic mountains, Scotland

Mysterious Road, Transylvania, Romania

Light in the tunnel birch, Portland, United States

Old tree under which I want to sit and read, Portland, United States

Mist-shrouded forest along the river Veleka, Bulgaria

The road that goes to heaven, Aspen, United States

Tram goes along the street in Prague, Czech Republic

Mountain Chater-tau at sunset, Tatarstan, Russia

Magic Monastery in Kyoto, Japan

Moose wandering through the Snake River, USA

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