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Top 10 Wacky and Weirdest Places In The World

Although the Earth is shown as the perfect place to live for people , there are some parts that are not quite so friendly … This is what I intended to soften your just attracted to this truly weird and wacky story … These are the top 10 strangest places to live in the world they have created a common man and nature … So many will ask which of the stranger , gave to those that nature has made or man’s twisted imagination .. i have to say that my preference though one winner , because what all twisted mind can come up with is impossible to describe … So watch these weird pictures … If you dare !

1.The Catacombs of Paris, France: The Parisian Catacombs hold approximately 6 million bodies. The space spans the entire city, full of macabre scenes.

2.Wonderland, China: The Chinese government attempted to build a Disneyland-like theme park, but much larger. They faced construction problems and the project was trashed

The remains of the theme park are still standing today, completely open to anyone brave enough to visit.

3.Akodessewa Fetish Market, Togo: Over half of the population in Togo continue to practice indigenous beliefs, they have a market specifically for those beliefs.

You can find dead animals, bones and mysterious concoctions. Travelers should probably avoid said market.

4.Cincinatti’s Subway, Ohio: In the early 1900s, Cincinatti attempted to build a subway system, but they ran out of funding.

The empty tunnels still exist, half-way finished and running along the underbelly of the city.

5.Kryziu Kalnas, Lithuania: The “hill of crosses” was once a ceremonial site where Lithuanians would mourn their dead lost at war.

The Soviet Union bulldozed it twice, only for the locals to build it even bigger. There are over 100,000 crosses there today.

6.Kabayan Mummy Caves, The Philippines: These manmade caves are full of some of the most well-preserved mummies in the world.

They are isolated in a remote mountain. They are filled literally to the brim with corpses.

7.Muynak, Uzbekistan: Muynak was once a busy port city on the Aral Sea.

The Soviets unintentionally drained it while creating irrigation. Today, the skeleton boats still sit on the dry sea bed.

8.Centralia, Pennsylvania: Centralia is the real-life Silent Hill and the movie was based on this location, right down to the creepy church. It was once a mining town until the coal veins under the city accidentally caught fire.

The mines have been burning continuously since 1962.

9. Island of the Dolls, Mexico: This place is a mostly uninhabited island in Xochimilco, Mexico. According to the legend, a girl died in the canals surrounding the island.

After her death, dolls began to wash ashore. Then, the one inhabitant began hanging the dolls as a tribute to the deceased child.

10.The Door to Hell, Turkmenistan: The large, fiery pit was originally a gas field that was set on fire by Soviet scientists, because they thought that’d be a fine idea. It has been burning continuously now for over 40 years.

For some reason, spiders are drawn to this real-life Hellmouth and swarm there by the thousands. We think because of the evil.

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