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Top 10 Abandoned Swimming Pools

 An abandoned swimming pool is kind of like a fish out of water in that, well, both are out of water. As far as pools go, their dry and empty aspect makes them seem exposed, naked, incomplete and bereft of purpose. Left high, dry and drained of liquid assets, these 12 abandoned swimming pools expose their bottoms for all to see. As one might expect, it’s not always a pretty sight.

Abandoned Pool – Gurzuf, Ukraine

Gurzuf, located in the Crimea just a few miles up the coast from Yalta, has one of the Ukraine’s most humid and tropical climates. If only there was a large public pool there so residents and guests could cool down when summer’s heat beats down…

Merle Spurrier Gymnasium Pool – University of Rochester, NY, USA

The 5-lane women’s swimming pool at the University of Rochester’s Merle Spurrier Gymnasium opened in 1955 and closed in 1982, which is when the fun really began. Once dry, the pool became a storage dump for hundreds of desks, chairs, desk/chair combos and one slightly out of place red Radio Flyer wagon, resulting in an extremely surreal scene to say the least.

Sitges Aquatic Paradise – Catalonia, Spain

Paradise lost, or so it would seem. The image at top was taken in 1991 when Sitges Aquatic Paradise, located a few miles southwest of Barcelona, was up and running. Unfortunately however, Sitges is a town where grand ideas go to die – take the defunct Sitges Terramar auto racing course, for example.

Graffiti Bowl – Two Guns, AZ, USA

Greg Goodman hardly expected to find a swimming pool in decrepit Two Guns, Arizona, but find one he did… and he wasn’t the first to do so. Even more mysterious is the number – unknown but assumedly large – of visitors who brought a full complement of colorful paints and brushes with them.

Colchester Garrison Pool – Colchester, UK

Located east of London and famed as Great Britain’s oldest town, Colchester is home to the British Army’s 16th Air Assault Brigade and the Military Corrective Training Centre, the UK’s only military prison. Between 1998 to 2008, Colchester’s garrison area of the town underwent wholesale redevelopment with many former military facilities being closed, sold off and demolished.

Kentucky Dirt Diving

Clueless male model Derek Zoolander had a school for ants; Louisville’s Crescent Hill neighborhood has a swimming pool for worms.

D. R. Plaister Aquatic House – Hobart, Tasmania, AU

Originally the Hobart Tepid Baths, this all-season, heated facility was opened by the governor or Tasmania on November 10th, 1938.

Durham City Baths – Durham, UK

The mood of the Great Depression in northeastern England lightened a little when on September 28th, 1932, the Durham City Baths and Washhouses opened.

Public Indoor Pool – Pripyat, Ukraine

The irradiated ghost town of Pripyat is chock full of abandonments for one simple reason: the 1986 Chernobyl disaster destroyed the town without harming any of its structures. The fate of its people are another story altogether. Swimming Pool Building 1, highlighted here, is the largest of Pripyat’s public indoor pools.

Abandoned Amusement Park Pool – USA

Tyler, Texas-based photographer Robert Langham was understandably less than forthcoming when describing this big, bold but utterly empty abandoned amusement park swimming pool: it looks mighty fine as-is, without the scourge of graffiti detracting from its lonely magnificence.

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