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The Paradise Island of Gozo… Malta

Gozo, part of the Maltese archipelago, is the place where you can forget about everyday worries and the rapid rhythm of life, privacy away from the hustle of modern city streets. On this beautiful island luxury hotels and restaurants, as well as other signs of technological progress cleverly veiled pacifying and charming scenery.

Despite the fact that much had to see the island, he was able to maintain its beauty and originality. In the center of the island rises majestically Citadel (Cittadella), which for centuries served as a reliable consolidation for the island. Today in its ramparts its cathedral, museums and archeology, crafts and folklore.

If you believe the ancient legend, the cave of Calypso, which is also on this Maltese island, about seven years nymph kept Odysseus. Throughout the long history of Gozo conquered various peoples: the Romans, Phoenicians, Carthaginians and Arabs. Left their mark on the island and also the Knights Order of Malta.

On this island of the Maltese history surrounds visitors throughout, captivating their imagination. According to scientists, in the town Bowl, located on the island of Gozo, are stone structures, is the oldest on the planet. These megalithic temples having Ä gantija name (Ggantija), were built nearly 3500 years BC. e., almost a thousand years earlier in the Egyptian pyramids.

Many tourists call Gozo paradise planet, because its beautiful churches and villages, sparkling sea and amazing local color can really captivate and enchant.


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