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The 15 Castles Built for Love

Castles built by love seem like both. There are many examples of architecture built for love, but to celebrate Valentine’s Day we wanted to hone in on castles love built. While this amazing architecture seems like something out of a fairy tale, and a wonderfully romantic way to say I Will Always Love You, not all end with happily ever after. The irony is that almost all of these grand displays of love ended in tragedy.

The inside and outlying buildings are primarily built of red sandstone. The architectural styles of the Taj Mahal include Indian, Islamic and Persian, but the main reason for the entire “castle” is the tomb and repeating mantra of love lost.

 Mumtaz Mahal, Emperor Shah Jahan, had this tomb created, wanting it to be the most resplendent monument that a man ever built for a woman. This is the side-view of the Taj Mahal; the mausoleum’s dome and four standing minarets are built out of white marble. 

Taj Mahal from Agra Uttar Pradesh, India. While the Taj Mahal is a ‘castle” love constructed, it begins with tragedy and love lost. This is a mausoleum created in memory of “true love” after the death of a “favorite wife.”

Captain Reynolds married Felicity, a descendant of a prominent Choctaw leader, and settled in a small Oklahoma town. In 1890, he started construction on a castle, built it with love for his love, his wife. Captain’s Castle is sometimes also called Reynolds’ Castle.

Captain’s Castle in Cameron, Oklahoma, may not be the most grand or large, but it makes our list based off the love story behind it. Apparently Captain J.E. Reynolds was a prince among big, dumb jerks prior to the Civil War. In fact, “Reynolds was considered as The ‘Original Male Chauvinist’ as he had little respect for women and even less respect for women’s work.”

Casa Loma is now a museum and landmark popular with tourists. The exterior has been undergoing restoration for 15 years. Casa Loma has five-acres of lovely gardens.

It took 300 workers to construct this built-for-love, 98 room, 3-story castle. Casa Loma was the largest private residence in Canada. It had massive stables and a two-story hunting lodge which was 4,380 sq ft. Inside the very modern castle was “an elevator, an oven large enough to cook an ox, two vertical passages for pipe organs, central vacuum, two secret passages in Sir Henry’s ground-floor office and three bowling alleys.”

This Gothic Revival style castle is Casa Loma in Toronto, Canada. It was built in 1911–1914 after Major-General Sir Henry Mill Pellatt promised his wife Mary a sprawling castle. While Maryhill Castle was considered as a name for this castle built for love, Pellatt decided upon the name Casa Loma, which is Spanish for “House on the Hill.”

The Swallow Nest’s at the night. This dark scene seems to reflect and remind us of the shadowy sad past of how the Castle of Love, built for making love, is now more about the love of money as a tourist attraction. Still it is a striking castle that many can now enjoy.

Swallow’s Nest, a symbol of Crimea Ukraine, is one of the best-known romantic castles near Yalta. While this lover’s nest may not have been inspired by true love, this Castle of Love suffered a sad fate.

This romantic Neo-Gothic style castle, built in 1912, is the Swallow’s Nest Castle in Crimea, Yalta. While the Swallow’s Nest was built for love, it was of the hot tryist love flavor which was reflected even in the original name “The Castle of Love” or “Love Castle.”

Among many amazing architectural landmarks of Boldt Castle, there is the Yacht House, a gigantic playhouse Alster Tower, the Power House, and a 120-room dream-come-true castle modeled after Rhineland Castle.

Boldt Castle was supposed to be an eleven-building complex, the most grand in the Thousand Islands. But one year before Boldt Castle was completed, Louise died.

On the romantic Heart Island, part of the 1000 Islands Region of the St. Lawrence River, remains a monument of George C. Boldt’s love for his wife Louise.

Happy Valentine’s Day! If you are a bah-humbug type of person on this holiday of romance, then perhaps you can at least appreciate all this architecture that was constructed for love? As many of us can appreciate beautiful castles, perhaps even saying “I love it” there are some castles that are divinely romantic since they were built by love and to honor love. This is an aerial view of Boldt Castle and some of the Thousand Islands in the Saint Lawrence River, near Alexandria Bay, New York.

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