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Canyons of the World

Canyon – a deep river valley with very steep, often steep slopes and narrow bottom – one of the most photogenic landscapes. Introduce you to two dozen of the most spectacular canyons from different parts of the world. Canyons are much more common in arid areas than in wet areas because physical weathering has a greater effect in arid zones. The wind and water from the river combine to erode and cut away less resistant materials such as shales. The freezing and expansion of water also serves to help form canyons. Water seeps into cracks between the rocks and freezes, pushing the rocks apart and eventually causing large chunks to break off the canyon walls, in a process known as frost wedging. Canyon walls are often formed of resistant sandstones or granite. Submarine canyons form underwater, generally at the mouths of rivers.

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Christmas Trees around the World

In the central squares of the largest cities in the world have started to establish Christmas trees. All the cities every year trying to bring what is in the design of new parts. In several cities unfortunately banned traditional eating place, because it offends the feelings of some of the “people.” Poles are walking around the Christmas tree in the center of Warsaw.

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Stunning Gardens Maui

Imagine a map of the world, the Pacific Ocean … That’s where the Hawaiian Islands, which are quite large archipelago. Here is located one of the most beautiful islands of the world – the island of Maui. What is he famous? Of course, the natural scenery, picturesque places. Beaches and canyons, mountains and tall waterfalls – this is what is remembered island visitors.

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Top 5 Most Beautiful Cities In The World

People have always liked to travel, and visit some interesting and new places, and along with that, always trying to find some city that’s even better than the last one. There are a lots of beautiful cities in our amazing world, and it’s really hard to just choose a couple for the most beautiful one. So, today we made a list of the top 5 most beautiful cities in the world. If you are looking for some new places to go, be sure to check out these amazing new travel locations. Take a look, and enjoy in these magnificent travel photos.


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