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Hotel Banyan Tree Ungasan in Bali

Banyan Tree Ungasan hotel is located on the southern island province of Bali in Indonesia. Built on the edge of a cliff 70 meters above the Indian Ocean, the hotel is conceived as a symbiosis of old and new, ancient and modern. Outwardly, it resembles a traditional Balinese village and designed so that the maximum open an unprecedented view of the ocean.

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Top 5 Beaches For Vacation in September

Autumn calendar – this is not a reason to close the swimming season. Just something you need to take a little farther south. Cyprus instead of Corfu, Costa del Sol, Costa Brava, instead, Sicily instead of Liguria …. Travel search engineĀ  offers 5 beach options in September for those who do not have time to relax this summer.

Miami. Air temperature 28 degrees in September

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