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Haunted Hotels to Sleep in this Halloween

Not too late to book a room at one of these places for the night of October 31.

Grand Hyatt – Taipei, Taiwan

The Grand Hyatt in Taipei looks like a perfectly normal luxury hotel, but the grounds it was built on were once used to torture, execute, and bury political prisoners. As a result, the hotel was plagued with extremely unhappy ghosts wandering the hallways, making noises, and occasionally shaking a guest or two by the leg while they rested in bed. Nothing a little feng shui can’t handle: The Hyatt hired experts to help realign the chi in the hotel and added sacred scrolls to the lobby, which have reportedly helped to combat the flow of middle-of-the-night checkouts from terrified guests.

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Beautiful Lakes from Around the World

If you are passionate traveler and you enjoy in nature, visiting some of the lakes from our list can be beautiful experience for you and your friends or family. The bigger lakes offers boat riding, fishing trips, diving’s and much more activities that allows you to explore all its beauties. Below is list of 16 stunning lakes we collected for you and we hope you’ll enjoy…

Plitvice Lakes

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The 30 Striking Locations Around the World

Our world is filled with fantastic beauty – both man-made and created by nature itself. This beauty so much, it is unlikely that a single human life enough to see everything that’s worth it.

30. Geiranger fjord, Norway

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The most Impressible Tourist Places

Watch a selection of the most attractive and unusual tourist attractions, which are on earth.

Rice terraces in Yunnan, China

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The 20 Ideal Locations for Privacy

Sometimes you just want to throw away a laptop, turn off the phone and be alone with yourself and nature. It is desirable in some beautiful secluded location on the edge world.V this material collected 20 beautiful places in different parts of our planet that would fit perfectly in order to relax your body and soul from the bustle city .Gory, sea, standing alone on lighthouses rocks or green valley – there are examples here for every taste. Take a trip back to your vacation, and if it is not soon put a picture on your desktop, let it warm your soul and pleases the eye.


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Top 25 Peace and Tranquility Tourist Paradises

If you like peace and solitude, you are unlikely to choose a metropolis, going on vacation. Especially when there are such places where nature and people’s lives seem to be a continuation of each other, where the city seemed to be imprinted in the majestic scenery and is perceived as a part of it. They are so harmonious that I want right now to exchange our frantic pace of life in the tranquility of one of them. We have compiled a list of 25 cities, which appear in every introvert would have dreamed.

Pucisca, Croatia
Pucisca – a small village with a harbor on the northern coast of the island of Brac. Its name came from the Latin word puteus – «Well”, which refers to local sources of brackish water  for livestock.

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The 15 Castles Built for Love

Castles built by love seem like both. There are many examples of architecture built for love, but to celebrate Valentine’s Day we wanted to hone in on castles love built. While this amazing architecture seems like something out of a fairy tale, and a wonderfully romantic way to say I Will Always Love You, not all end with happily ever after. The irony is that almost all of these grand displays of love ended in tragedy.

The inside and outlying buildings are primarily built of red sandstone. The architectural styles of the Taj Mahal include Indian, Islamic and Persian, but the main reason for the entire “castle” is the tomb and repeating mantra of love lost.

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The 19 Ideal Locations for Privacy

If you are tired of the fast pace of life and a huge number of ongoing cases and worries, you can get away from the city and retire to a small house on the edge of the world. Here are a few great options. How long you’ve had enough?

Domik Ozer Ontario, Canada

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The 15 World Travel Diamonds

Snow, rain, sleet, dark night – you have every reason to be somewhere else right now. But just look at one of these picture, and you want to be happy to get out of town.

Witness the activity of the Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica …

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Top 21 Wanderlust Exquisite Natural Wonders Destinations

If you have a tremendous desire for some sort of an incredible journey that will titillate and most vivid imagination lie to the right place … We recommend this unique list of destinations, which nature has endowed really unusual architectural elements of nature .. Represented destinations are selected to everything tastes so and besides, you can visit them and enjoy the other activities such as walking, hiking or even skiing  .. You just have to pick and enjoy …

 Preikestolen, Norway

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