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Reunion Island in France

How many do not look around the world, but to find something Bole fantastic than the island of Reunion , this piece of France in the warm Indian Ocean, find unlikely to turn out. This island has a high level of service for tourists and well-developed infrastructure. Here you can find all the things that just wants. But the most important property of the island – it’s untouched nature, such a diverse, if you are simultaneously in all parts of the world. There’s a beautiful white sand beaches and coconut palms, as well as mountain lake with waterfalls and clear blue water. Ocean, bathes this corner of paradise is emerald blue tint, and its waters are warm and pleasant. However, it is better to go here since the beginning of May to the end of November. At other times, the weather here unreliable, and frequent dodges replace a grueling forty-degree heat.

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