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Trip to China Nature

Scenic areas and natural reserves are built to better protect the nature and original flavor of some sights from damage of tourists. Mountains and waters often occur in literary works to express great breadth of mind or yearning for nature. They usually hold more than what their facial beauty can convey. A  mountains has its unique character – magnificent, imposing or elegant.  The Five Most Famous Mountains can be the representative of all Chinese mountains. Rivers if are joined together, the Chinese natural rivers reach a total length 10.5 times greater than the length of the Earth’s equator.  Among all the rivers, the Yellow River is affectionately known as the mother river of Chinese nation.

Pagoda and flower

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Top 16 Like in the Movies Landscapes on Earth

When you look at each of these professional photos as surreal landscapes look again. Because you may have seen them somewhere. Do you know where? In the movies. Whether by nature, the travel or the domain of science fiction, these landscapes actually exist, are fabricated and fictitious. But you have to admit that they look like they’re from another world. These are the top 16 best examples of surreal landscapes that actually exist on the planet earth.

Odle Mountains, Italy

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Top 20 Natural Wonders: The Ultimate List of Scenic Splendor

Water, fire and ice have combined to make some of the most spectacular scenery in the world — from giant crystal caves to mud volcanoes and rock formations that look like works of art. If your office and daily commute aren’t a fitting reminder of the extraordinary natural diversity of planet earth, get some inspiration from these incredible scenes.

1.Volcanic eruptions at Stromboli, Italy

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