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Top 25 Nature Spots in Last Year

Nature has always been known to inspire all those who are interested and have the time to watch it very carefully. So many wonderful points that you simply invoke the moms that of all the places in your environment you need to just stop and look at nature that leaves you breathless with its beauty. Introducing the Top 25 Nature Spots in Last Year.

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Incredibly Beautiful Landscapes of our Planet

All these landscapes fantastic scenery. Many beautiful places in the world that we do not even know. Expanses of marsh Salar de Uni in Bolivia. The world’s largest salt marsh on the wet season reflects the sky like a huge mirror. And during the winter months when there is dry weather, the marsh surface resembles a mosaic. Four corners, Eng. Four Corners – region of the United States, covers an area of ​​southwest Colorado, northwest New Mexico, northeast Arizona and southeast Utah. Name refers to the four corners of the Monument, located at the intersection of the borders of all four states .

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