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Top 15 Most Stunning Cliff-Side Towns And Villages

These photos capture stunning views of some of the most epic cliff-side cities in the world. A cliff-side city overlooking a sea passage has a superior command of the surrounding waters and is virtually impossible to assault from the water. Cities on steep hills, on the other hand, might have been built there to defend from land-based aggressors or because of their proximity to important landmarks like rivers.

Wadi Dawan, Yemen

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20 Roads For Extreme Drivers Experience

In the world many beautiful roads, scenic mountain highway and hazardous serpentine , but to these 20 roads MUST drive every man who will  find a adventure!

National Park Road Canyon, Utah

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Tourist Attractions in Italy

With so many amazing sights, putting together a  of tourist attractions in Italy is no easy task. The following list however should give a good indication of why over 40 million foreign tourists visit Italy ever year.

Towers of San Gimignano

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Portofino Picturesque Resort In Italy

Portofino its peace and tranquility attracts fans of measured tourist.Tourists visits are in increasing in this small fishing town, which is part of the Italian Riviera . Interestingly, lots of famous and wealthy people are buying a property in this beautiful town. The town is crowded round its small port, is closely associated with Paraggi Beach, which is a few minutes up the coast. Other nearby beaches is Camogli, Chiavari,Lavagna…

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