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Top 15 Most Stunning Cliff-Side Towns And Villages

These photos capture stunning views of some of the most epic cliff-side cities in the world. A cliff-side city overlooking a sea passage has a superior command of the surrounding waters and is virtually impossible to assault from the water. Cities on steep hills, on the other hand, might have been built there to defend from land-based aggressors or because of their proximity to important landmarks like rivers.

Wadi Dawan, Yemen

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Reunion Island in France

How many do not look around the world, but to find something Bole fantastic than the island of Reunion , this piece of France in the warm Indian Ocean, find unlikely to turn out. This island has a high level of service for tourists and well-developed infrastructure. Here you can find all the things that just wants. But the most important property of the island – it’s untouched nature, such a diverse, if you are simultaneously in all parts of the world. There’s a beautiful white sand beaches and coconut palms, as well as mountain lake with waterfalls and clear blue water. Ocean, bathes this corner of paradise is emerald blue tint, and its waters are warm and pleasant. However, it is better to go here since the beginning of May to the end of November. At other times, the weather here unreliable, and frequent dodges replace a grueling forty-degree heat.

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Amazing Endless Pools

Now, in the midst of a hot summer, when the window 30 and so want to enjoy a cool little water, it’s time to talk about the pools. Infinity pool, dissolving into the vast ocean or through the heavens, striking any imagination. The concept of infinity pool originated in France, but now the pools of this type can be found only in the most prestigious luxury hotels in exotic resorts in the world, as technology devices such pools can not be called cheap. The most striking impression is made by infinity pool, located in the hills or on the slopes of the hills, surrounded by green vegetation, and those that face the ocean, merging with its endless expanse of blue.

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The 15 Incredibly Photos of Amazing Paris

Welcome to … The city of love, art, architecture, poetry, beautiful buildings. A combination of old and modern past and the present and the future. Paris is back for centuries been an eternal inspiration for some of the most beautiful works of art. Whether you are into more detailed books, pictures, or songs. Enjoy some of the best¬†amateur artistic photos.

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A Journey in June Through Dordogne, France

Travelling through France in June is a sheer delight at this time of year. The majority of holidaymakers have not yet descended upon the country and the weather is generally good, particularly in the South of the country. Dordogne is a most charming region, relatively untouched, with small farming communities, perhaps as England used to be a hundred years ago.

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