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The Untouched Nature Of Emerald Isle

Civilization in its worst manifestations, did not have time yet to get to Koh Chang. Queen of the island is untouched nature. Fascinating marine sunrises and evening sunsets, white beaches, jungles, with previously unseen birds and plants. Evenings at sea lit many lights on the fishing boats, which go on fishing. Holiday in Thailand on Koh Chang – the calm and serenity, is an escape from the hectic life of the charm of simplicity, it is one of the many options. Koh Chang is the second largest in Thailand. It is located at a distance of 300 kilometers from the capital and bustling resorts – and this is his main “highlight”. In Thai “to” this island, and the “Chang” is the elephant. Indeed, the outlines island is very much similar to an elephant’s head, which is floating in the ocean.

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