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The 30 Striking Locations Around the World

Our world is filled with fantastic beauty – both man-made and created by nature itself. This beauty so much, it is unlikely that a single human life enough to see everything that’s worth it.

30. Geiranger fjord, Norway

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The most Impressible Tourist Places

Watch a selection of the most attractive and unusual tourist attractions, which are on earth.

Rice terraces in Yunnan, China

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Pencil Fantasy HDR Art

Check out these photos! Admit that you still think that this is really a photo, but did not. You probably will not believe this but gently tell artworks that show just how much art there is in human hands. These images were created by the hands of great artists and craftsmen in the drawings. They can draw anything and you need quite a lot of knowledge and skills in order to obtain these results. Here is presented a few best of the best HDR drawings selected from the unique collection. Enjoy the magic of art.

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Dubai and East – a Delicate Matter!

Middle East. In fact this phrase for a European is something mysterious and attractive. A UAE acronym, which stands as the United Arab Emirates, mysterious an d attractive double. Once an association of the tales of “1001 Nights” – palm trees and sand, camels and Arabian horses, tents and minarets, rugs, mosaics, curved daggers and sweets, sheikhs and harems, belly dancing and fabulous. Dubai – is one of its component parts ie this emirate.

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