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15 Tiny Towns that are Too Good to be True

These gorgeous quaint little town can be considered one of the best places on the planet. They look like the illustrations for fairy tales are fascinating and seem completely unrealistic. The only question that arises is: which one to visit first?

Desenzano del Garda, Italy

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Magic Beauty Italian Places that are Worth Seeing with your Own Eyes

If you are planning a trip to Italy, make sure you include these scenic spots in your itinerary!


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20 Colorful Landscapes Bursting With Springtime Beauty

For many of us the springtime flowers and colors are so close we can almost smell and see them.

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Top 15 Most Stunning Cliff-Side Towns And Villages

These photos capture stunning views of some of the most epic cliff-side cities in the world. A cliff-side city overlooking a sea passage has a superior command of the surrounding waters and is virtually impossible to assault from the water. Cities on steep hills, on the other hand, might have been built there to defend from land-based aggressors or because of their proximity to important landmarks like rivers.

Wadi Dawan, Yemen

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The 20 Ideal Locations for Privacy

Sometimes you just want to throw away a laptop, turn off the phone and be alone with yourself and nature. It is desirable in some beautiful secluded location on the edge world.V this material collected 20 beautiful places in different parts of our planet that would fit perfectly in order to relax your body and soul from the bustle city .Gory, sea, standing alone on lighthouses rocks or green valley – there are examples here for every taste. Take a trip back to your vacation, and if it is not soon put a picture on your desktop, let it warm your soul and pleases the eye.


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Top 25 Popular Tourist Destinations in 2014

One year it took the site to the evaluations and reviews of millions of tourists about hotels, attractions and restaurants in various cities of the world to choose just 25 popular and favorite tourist destinations. So, the rating includes the following 25 places …

Istanbul, Turkey

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Reunion Island in France

How many do not look around the world, but to find something Bole fantastic than the island of Reunion , this piece of France in the warm Indian Ocean, find unlikely to turn out. This island has a high level of service for tourists and well-developed infrastructure. Here you can find all the things that just wants. But the most important property of the island – it’s untouched nature, such a diverse, if you are simultaneously in all parts of the world. There’s a beautiful white sand beaches and coconut palms, as well as mountain lake with waterfalls and clear blue water. Ocean, bathes this corner of paradise is emerald blue tint, and its waters are warm and pleasant. However, it is better to go here since the beginning of May to the end of November. At other times, the weather here unreliable, and frequent dodges replace a grueling forty-degree heat.

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The 10 Abandoned Ghost Towns

Once not so long ago there were a lot of people, children, life on the streets of the once great cities. It is enough to look at these empty buildings and deserted streets overgrown. just as if there never was no life. What happened in these cities are known mainly spirits. Around the guilty man, a natural disaster somewhere and somewhere people simply did not match the geographical position of these ghost towns. Some abandoned ghost towns are now tourist attractions, while others might be dangerous or illegal to visit. Meet some of the most fascinating ghost towns from around the world.

1.Agdam Azerbaijan

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Portofino Picturesque Resort In Italy

Portofino its peace and tranquility attracts fans of measured tourist.Tourists visits are in increasing in this small fishing town, which is part of the Italian Riviera . Interestingly, lots of famous and wealthy people are buying a property in this beautiful town. The town is crowded round its small port, is closely associated with Paraggi Beach, which is a few minutes up the coast. Other nearby beaches is Camogli, Chiavari,Lavagna…

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Tale Called “Dolomite…” Treasure of Italy

Magnificent scenery: the frozen waterfalls, and villages with a bird’s eye …Words can not tell you how beautiful and majestic Dolomites. At dawn, the sun plays on the tops of their pink shades. The weather can change in a fraction of seconds. Even the fog dissipates instantly. Once, many millions of years ago, there were splashing water warm tropical sea. Africa is gradually moving closer to Europe, sea melelo. Then the water is gone altogether, leaving traces of the lagoons, fjords and coral reefs inhabited by prehistoric shellfish amazing beauty mountain landscape – Dolomites, recently included in the list of World Natural Heritage.

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