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The 20 Places on the Planet where Nature did not Spare Colors

Among the variety of natural landscapes there are places where it seems that he was in the other, a fabulous world. An incredible combination and a riot of colors led to believe that the nature of the whole palette of specially gathered in one place to show off their beauty.

Yuanyan China

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Ingenious Tiny Homes That Will Inspire You To Live Small

These small houses will really make you question whether you need all that space. The recent tiny house movement appeals to people because it is an economical, but also sustainable and minimal way to live. Many people choose to take their home into their own hands and build these tiny dwellings themselves. Gaze at these examples of homeowners’ personal tiny homes for real-life success stories of creative ways to live small in style. They might even inspire you to build your own tiny house, or at least live more simply. Thanks for visiting us today, and I hope you enjoyed the tiny homes.

 Japanese Forest House

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Rainbow Over the Biggest Waterfall in the World

Victoria Falls – the biggest and most famous waterfall in the world. It is on the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe in Africa. Its width is about 1800 meters and a height of 108. One minute from the top of a waterfall falls down 87 tons of water. Water strikes with such force that within a radius of 30 km there is a sort of haze or fog. For many travelers Victoria Falls has become a place that is a must-visit. Font devil is here. Waterfall attracts thousands of photographers, but not so much because of the font. Because of splashing water on a sunny day here in a picture of the rainbow, incredible in its beauty.

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