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19 Amazing Places with Incredibly Clear Water

Just imagine diving into the clear blue waters in any of these fabulous places! The only sight of these places will make you fresh and bright on a hot summer day.

Königssee, Germany

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Top 20 Amazing Natural Wonders of California, USA

Sometime we need to remind ourselves how lucky we are to be living in Northern California. We have it all: beaches, mountains, volcanoes, coastal forests, and a host of natural wonders—the world’s tallest and largest trees; the country’s highest peak, tallest waterfalls, and largest alpine lake; and even the continent’s deepest submarine canyon. So consider this week’s theme a wake-up call to everyone who loves the outdoors but has yet to explore all of The 20 Natural Wonders of California.

Have you ever seen a nicer bay than Emerald Bay?

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Top 20 Amazing Abandoned Mansions of the World

Today, the crumbling remnants of these great houses serve as a window in time and offer urban explorers the opportunity to capture the ruins in all their glory. Here we will look at the 20 of the most impressive abandoned mansions across the world.

1.Abandoned Mansion in Ostrowo, Poland

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