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Rhodes – the Beautiful Island of the Gods

The most interesting and beautiful Greek island of Rhodes is washed by the Mediterranean and the Aegean Sea. The inhabitants of ancient Greece believed that the patron saint of the island is the God of the Sun, and the honor he built the majestic statue of the Colossus of Rhodes, which up to now has not been preserved. Rhodes seemed bathed in sunshine, and the mountainous terrain alternates with picturesque valleys and hills, is surrounded by emerald green and golden beaches.

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During a vacation in Rhodes, you can visit the Valley of the Butterflies, but a trip to this place is best to do in the middle of June. At this time, the small gray-red butterflies dot the cliffs and almost all the trees in the valley, creating an impressive picture. In Rhodes falls for almost every traveler, as this place combines all the advantages of the Greek islands. Vacationers enjoy the sun bleached old buildings, the spirit of a centuries-old history, filled with legends and myths, surrounded by rocky coves beautiful beaches, lush nature and a wonderful climate.

Another interesting place is the island of Rhodes was built on a hillside Asklipio colorful village, where the ruins of an ancient castle dominate the residential buildings. In the central square is dedicated to the Dormition of the Virgin old Byzantine church with a well preserved wall paintings, and next to the church is the Museum of folklore. Erected by the Knights of the medieval castle were only ruins, but their appearance can imagine what looked fortification centuries ago.

The Acropolis is within walking speed over a wide road, next to which is the foundation of the temple of Athena. After the spread of Christianity transformed the sanctuary of the church, and in his semi set up a cross-shaped baptismal font. Another attraction is the monastery Filerimos, and on its territory there are arcades, medieval church decorated with original frescoes and a small chapel. If desired, the tourists will be able to go down the path speed, and reach the built in Doric style fountain at home.

These days, holidays in Rhodes is very popular due to the combination of the warm climate and the bright sun, clear sea and clean mountain air. Here, numerous monuments of history, reminding travelers of the greatness of the ancient civilization and the medieval era. The administrative center of the sunny island of the same name is the city of Rhodes, and from there by bus you can reach the mountains Filerimos where the acropolis of Ialyssos. This is the ruins of the ancient city, founded during the Mycenaean era, in which there was a series of fortifications.

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