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Photos of Life in Coldest Place On Earth

Photographer Amos Chapple journeyed there for interesting pictures about life in the extreme cold temperatures. The frigid conditions gave him challenges, even focusing the lens on his camera was a difficult as opening a pickle jar. He told weather.com, “I was wearing thin trousers when I first stepped outside into minus 47 C. I remember feeling like the cold was physically gripping my legs, the other surprise was that occasionally my saliva would freeze into needles that would prick my lips.” Take a look at these photos and see if you think you could endure a few days ?

A guard dog chained outside wishes he could be indoors.

A coal-fired heating plant provides the village with heat.

A woman uses her mitten to shield her face from the bitter cold on a -63.4F (-53C) day.

 If cars are not kept in heated garages, those left outside have to be kept running otherwise they will not restart.

A farmer closes the door on his cows’ insulated stable.

All homes in the village are encrusted with frost during the winter months.

Most toilets have long drops due to the difficulty of digging plumbing through the permanently frozen soil.

People who wear glasses cannot wear them outdoors or they will stick to their face.

Only one shop in Oymyakon provides locals with supplies.

A statue of one of the first governors of Yakutia, Ivan Kraft, is covered in frost most of the year.

A woman carefully walks over an ice-covered bridge in Yakutsk, a two-day drive from Oymakon.

Oymakon is considered to be the coldest permanently inhabited settlement in the world.

The “Road of Bones”route to Oymyakon was taken on an evening with temperatures of -58F (-50c).

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