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How did the Blue Mountains get their name?

The Blue Mountains got their name from the blue haze that is hovering above it. The sunlight passes through the oil of the Eucalyptus trees covering the mountains and only the blue light shows creating that bluish haze. The scenery is spectacular and there is so much to see and do. Enjoy the wildlife and plant life, hike the trails, climb the rocks, and canoe on the water ways.

Ways to get there

 You can get to the Blue Mountains along Bells Line of Road or the Great Western Highway. Take a train ride from Katoomba to Sydney, it will take around an hour. Take the Blue Mountains Explore bus and enjoy the 18 attractions that the bus stops along the way. There is just so much to do. Choose an option that lets you stop along the way and take in all of the sights. It will be an unforgettable journey that you will not forget.

Enjoy what nature has to offer

Check out these points of interest along the way. A bit south of Glenbrook sits the Red Hand Cave that includes a collection of Aboriginal hand stencils. Another great stop is Leura, a small town that offers cute stores and cafes. Sublime Point is a great lockout point. Stop at the Jamison valley or Wentworth Falls as well. There are so many great places to stop that you will be able to find your own slice of heaven where you can relax and take in the sights.

What else do the Blue Mountains offer?

Along with all of the exquisite sights and trails, there are other things to check out. Have a private picnic after going horseback riding. Go canoeing in the Birrabang Creek Canyon or enjoy a three hour cliff ride. There are many things to do in the region. You will be able to find a little something for everyone.

Enjoy all that the Blue Mountains have to offer. Take the day off of work and get back to nature. Enjoy the wilderness and fun. Spend a great weekend here with your family. There is so much to do in the region that you can take multiple trips and still not see it all. The Blue Mountains National Park is a great place to spend the day or just a few hours. Whether you want to take in the sights by horseback, train, bus, car, or foot, the opportunities are endless.

Have you been to Suzhou, China Yet?

If not, you are missing out. There are so many things to do and see. Check out the Lingering Gardens and see nature mixed with beautiful architecture. Ride a boat through the waterways and take in the sights. Enjoy a festival and all of the delicious food Suzhou has to offer.

Suzhou is located in the middle of the Yangtze River Delta and is over 2500 years old. You can enjoy any one of nine beautiful gardens which were listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is a beautiful must see location and if you want to see all there is to see while relaxing, enjoy the sites from a boat on one of the waterways.

There is just so much to see and do. You can enjoy a relaxing vacation in this discrete and away from the world location or get right in the middle of a huge festival. This versatile location will appeal to anyone. Take in all of the historical beauty that the city has to offer or enjoy the peace and quiet.

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Suzhou’s Humble Administrator’s Garden: a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Magical Fun at Annual Australian Festival

Take your wife or husband and your kids to Australia where they can experience excitement and endless fun. Sydney Festival 2014, which is January 9-26, is celebrating talents from across the globe. Visual arts, dancing, music, film, and more more can be found at this spectacular celebration of artistic value. Families far and wide save up just to check out the many shows and fun workshops that will be sure to put smiles on your face. “If you are really into your arts, Sydney Festival will not disappoint, with opera, dance, theatre and music acts from across Australia and the world.” says Festival Director, Lieven Bertels. Visit Sydney Festival 2014 website, www.sydneyfestival.org.au.

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Vacation at Las Vegas Today!

Are you looking for a sweet getaway with your friends or partner? Las Vegas is the city to fulfill your wildest dreams and leave the stress at home. The Las Vegas What Happens Here Stays Here campaign lives up to its title, especially with three new commercials being release through May 2014. The goal is to have visitors enjoy the beauty and wonder of the scenes of Nevada’s most popular city.

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Check Out Travelocity YouTube Web Series with Courtney Scott

Travelocity wants to help you enjoy your getaway from hectic work and family life. They can make the journey experience memorable with creative apps, reasonable prices and daily customer service. Travelocity has the belief that travel makes us better and is dedicated to being the traveler’s great guide – a travel sidekick and a trip instigator, walking side by side with travelers everywhere on the globe. Take a look at the new Travelocity YouTube Web Series with Courtney Scott to see what is being talked about. [Read more…]

Hawaii’s Top Natural Attractions

Hawaii has long since been a popular tourist destination for such a large variety of reasons, for example the friendly locals, the great cuisine, the accommodations like the Maui Condo Rentals, the beaches and the number of great attractions. Hawaii was formed by volcanoes and as such is now home to some beautiful natural attractions that are not to be missed. Here are some of the top ones to visit while you are there.


Hawaii’s island chain is made up entirely of volcanoes so a visit to one is a must should you choose to holiday here. On Oahu, you can hike up to the top of the ancient and world famous Diamond Head where you will find some spectacular views of Waikiki below. Oahu is also only a mere half-hour drive from Honolulu too, where there’s generally a welcomed dip in flight prices around late November.  Cheapflights can offer more information.

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Most Popular Beaches in Florida

The southern state of Florida is the home of some of the most beautiful beaches in the United States. Clear blue waters and pale sands fringed by palm trees are every sun seekers paradise and they are all here.

The beaches of Florida are the property of the state and there are over one hundred miles of them in total. So how do you know which one to head for? Our guide gives you an idea of what you can expect from just a small selection of Florida’s beaches. [Read more…]

Enjoy Limerick: Where to Go of an Evening

Visiting Limerick doesn’t just revolve around the heaps of culture and history to explore during the daytime. As the third largest city in the Republic of Ireland, it has its fair share of pubs, bars and restaurants to entice its locals and visitors. With the charming Irish atmosphere, you’ll be sure to have a cracking time in some of the best the city has to offer.

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A Grand Celebration with Princess Cruises

A grand celebration is here for all past and present passengers of Princess Cruises. The Princess Cruises Celebrations Campaign dedicated to sharing the stories of several passengers about why they decided to go on a Princess Cruises cruise and how the experience went for them. “Usually people think of ‘celebrations’ as birthdays, anniversaries, or graduations,” said Jan Swartz, Princess Cruises executive vice president. “As we listened to these passenger stories, we recognized a great opportunity to expand the definition.” Destinations such as the Panama Canal, Australia, Hawaii, are some places offered by Princess Cruises to enjoy. [Read more…]

Ultimate Group Retreats in the Mountains

With some of the best deals for ski holidays 2013, you should look no further than online agents who know exactly what they are doing. With plenty of experience and knowledge of resorts all over the world, you can be sure that your group retreat in the mountains will ensue, faultlessly.

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