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A Disney Experience in Paris

¬†Ever since Mr Walt Disney opened up the first ever Disney theme park in Anaheim California in 1955, a Disney theme park experience has become an essential cultural endeavour and one that you are likely to feel inclined to experience at least once in your lifetime, regardless of whether you’re a theme park fan or not. For the ultimate theme park experience, getting those all important Disney tickets, heading to Orlando and spending a fortnight venturing around Disney World and all the other theme parks that take residence in this part of the world is ideal.

However, if you don’t necessarily consider yourself to be a Disney enthusiast, but are considering a Disney holiday nevertheless – more than likely for the sake of your children, spending thousands of pounds on flights, accommodation and Disney tickets might not be worth your while, especially if you don’t envision yourself spending more than a few days visiting the theme parks.

This needn’t mean that a Disney experience is off the cards for you or your children. Disneyland Paris can offer a more cultivated Disney experience, allowing you to combine your Disney visit with the myriad of other traditional and cultural experiences Paris has to offer. There are a variety of Eurodisney tickets that will grant you admission to either one or both the Disneyland Paris parks over a number of days. Plan how you’ll split your time between Disneyland Paris and the rest of Paris and purchase your Eurodisney tickets accordingly.

At Disneyland Paris you’ll be able to enjoy the magnificent parades and night time shows that Disney is famed for. Hang out with Mickey Mouse and the Disney Princesses, enjoy big thrill rides like Hollywood’s Twilight Zone Tower of Terror and Rock n Roller Coaster and have your breath taken away by the magical Sleeping Beauty Castle.

Once you’ve reached your magic quota and feel that you have made the most of your Eurodisney tickets, embark on the remainder of your Parisian expedition, exploring the more traditional and cultural elements Paris has to offer. Take a trip to the Musee du Louvre and admire Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, spend hours photographing the magnificent gothic Notre Dame cathedral, take a cruise along the River Seine, explore the picturesque streets of Bastille and soak up some typical Parisian cafe culture.

Remember no Disney experience is quite complete without a photo with Mickey Mouse and no Parisian experience is quite Parisian without witnessing the Eiffel Tower. Catch it lit up and in all its glory for the perfect Disney meets Paris holiday!



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