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20 Cursed Shipwrecks Around the World

Naval history is full of fatal accidents and wartime losses. Even knowing that, it’s astonishing to think that, according to a United Nations report, there are more than 3 million shipwrecks on the ocean floor. Of course, most of them will languish, unexplored and invisible forever, but, fortunately for us, many of them have been cataloged and photographed. These are some of our favorites.

 Semiramis [Andros Island, Greece]

 MV RMS Mulheim [Land’s End, United Kingdom]

 SS Ayrfield [Homebush Bay, Australia]

 La Famille Express [Provo, Caribbean Sea]

 BOS 400 [Maori Bay, South Africa]

 Olympia [Amorgos Island, Greece]

 SS America [Fuerteventura, Canary Islands]

 Mediterranean Sky [Elefsina, Greece]

 MS World Discoverer [Roderick Bay, Nggela Island]

 A soviet ship left to rot after the collapse of the USSR [Murmansk, Russia]

 S.S. Thistlegorm [Red Sea, Egypt]

 Frigate 356 [Cayman Islands]

 Lady Elizabeth [Whale Bone Cove, Falkland Islands]

 Chuuk Lagoon [Micronesia]

 A decaying tug boat. [Point Reyes, California]

 Abandoned whaling boats become the latest victims of rust [Grytviken, South Georgia]

 Dimitrios [Laconic Bay, Greece]

 The Sweepstakes [Lake Huron]

 Three boats at the Doha Ship Graveyard [Kuwait]

 Mars [Baltic Sea]

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