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10 of the Smallest Inhabited Islands in the World

People from time immemorial was peculiar to protect their homes from the outside world – fences, walls, moats. Some simply chose to build remote places, such as rocks, logs and islands, surrounded by a lake, river or even the ocean. Below is a list of the most tiny, but very picturesque inhabited islands of the world.

1. Island Lake Constance, Slovenia

2. Vilgelmshteyn Island, Hanover, Germany

3 The Island on Lake Galve, Lithuania

4. The island of Mont Saint-Michel, France

5. St. George Island, Montenegro

6. Pontikonisi Island, Corfu, Greece

7. Visovac Island, Croatia

8. Island “Gospa od Shkrpela”, Montenegro

9. Dunbar Island, Honduras

10. Byarnarey Island, Iceland

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